Energy Savings and Smart Lighting
for Any Purpose

Our offer: a broad portfolio of intelligent lamps, luminaires and components compatible with smart key players in the market.

With our diversified SMART+ portfolio and the partnerships with dominant players in the smart home market such as Amazon, Google, or Samsung, we offer private users valuable benefits.

Your benefits for better lighting

  • Limitless possibilities
  • Stay in Control
  • Set your schedules
  • Voice control: “Hey Siri”, “Okay Google”, “Alexa”

  • Compatible with your favorite brands (Eco system)
  • Offerings for indoor and outdoor applications
  • First ever open standard Bluetooth mesh

Upgrading any space easily
with wireless controls

With the SYLVANIA SMART+ contractors can easily retrofit private offices for immediate energy savings and customized control, create flexible lighting plans in open space environments that can adjust with the space as needs and requirements change. You can configure scenes and occupancy modes in conference rooms to make meetings more productive, enable lighting levels and color tuning control for educators in classrooms, and create dynamic and colorful scenes in bars and restaurants.

LEDVANCE Smart Connected

Smart professional solutions made simple

  • Simple energy code compliance
  • Easy to install and to commission: Zigbee
  • Operates in a local mode – independently of any network

  • Simple on touch instant atmosphere: configurable scenes i.e. tuneable white and colored light
  • Fixtures, room sensors and keypad

We believe that meeting rooms should be places people love,
so we came up with a new product concept

Intuitive, Dynamic, Simple

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) reproduces the biological effects and daily rhythm of natural light to stimulate improved well-being and energy.

Human centric lighting is a major topic in the lighting industry. LEDVANCE presents an approach to HCL that provides lighting control tailored to individual users or small groups of users, particularly in small workrooms and offices.

At the heart of the concept study is an innovative user interface in the form of a rotary switch and display. The key here is that users can take advantage of the biological effects of lighting quickly and easily without any prior knowledge and adapt the HCL system to individual needs and specific situations. Our new HCL controller is therefore the perfect lighting tool for anyone to create a working environment designed to stimulate boosted performance and comfort without the need for major expense.

HCL Control Unit

HCL Control Unit

  • Daylight inspired dynamic lighting
  • Correct circadian timing
  • Easy installation
  • Individual adjustability to different activities
  • ZigBee
HCL Panel 625 TW

HCL Panel 625 TW

  • 2.700-6.500 K
  • 40W | 3600 lm
  • UGR<19
  • ZigBee
HCL Spotlight TW

HCL Spotlight TW

  • 2.700-6.500 K
  • 8W | 540 lm
  • Beam angle 36+/-5°
  • ZigBee

3 Good Reasons to Choose the New
HCL Controller from LEDVANCE

1. Easy to Install

  • ZigBee communication between the controller and luminaires – no additional wiring required
  • Ready on connection to power, no further configuration necessary
  • HCL controller automatically determines time of day and location for the right light at the right time

2. Simple Operation

  • Preprogrammed dynamic lighting scenarios taking into account biological rhythms
  • Rotary switch and display for convenient intuitive adjustment to individual requirements and specific situations
  • Intuitive use, no prior knowledge required thanks to intelligent algorithm based on the latest scientific recommendations

3. Dynamic Light

with changing brightness levels and light colors …

  • helps improve human biorhythms
  • contributes to well-being and mood
  • supports performance and concentration
  • allows for greater vitality, creativity or relaxation

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