Luminare Family

Light is Straightforward

Ideal in place of existing traditional luminaires or as new installations

Straightforward, efficient and easy-to-install products with proven quality and performance, perfectly matched to your everyday requirements. SYLVANIA LED luminaires and retrofit kits are the ideal solution to fit your needs for everyday applications. The luminaires have all the necessary features and functions offering precisely what they have been developed for – no more and no less.

We are your Retrofit Partner

What are the benefits of SYLVANIA LED luminaires for you?

  • SYLVANIA LED luminaires and retrofit kits are the ideal solution to fit your needs for everyday applications.
  • The luminaires have all the necessary features and functions for the application they have been developed for—no more and no less.

The portfolio has been designed to redefine the standard: we have taken the time to understand your needs and requirements.

  • SYLVANIA LED luminaires provide an extensive amount of energy savings, the portfolio provides the right design per application as well as easy installation with proven quality and performance.
  • We have developed an extensive portfolio that matches a wide variety of needs for your day-to-day applications.
  • Or in short: SYLVANIA—a brand you can trust.

All SYLVANIA LED luminaires comply with applicable standards and have all the relevant certificates and approvals, such as UL/ETL, RoHS, and FCC.

Design Means

Making Sense of Light

Light means life. And at LEDVANCE, our mission is to make the world a greater place by advancing light through design that makes genuine sense to everyone, anytime and anywhere.

So, when we talk design, we mean lighting experiences that make people‘s lives easier. We mean honest solutions that speak your mind. We mean reshaping our industry by creating simply better basics.

We believe that the truest way to understand our company‘s positive energy is to experience the very products that our customers love. The future is bright: and we will be there, with you, across all scales of life.




Calling someone a geek isn't nice.
But we simply can't help it.

Our design-language is not the product of random, creative whims – it’s what comes out when you put a bunch of lighting geeks in one room.

For months, our interdisciplinary team of designers, engineers, marketeers and product managers have systematically ideated, sketched, prototyped, revised – and obsessively refined countless variations of designs, until it really felt like LEDVANCE.

The resulting SCALE design-language is a statement of our commitment and passion to provide our customers.


Tough love is nothing dirty. It's how our designers and engineers collaborate.

What good is a design-system if it cannot be implemented? Will it scale? Does it work with round and square shapes? Will the cooling ribs be sufficient?

While we did use state of the art 3D software to create our design-language, our designers and engineers constantly challenged each other using physical models to make sure that our designs are not just beautiful on paper, but also feasible in regards to construction and manufacturing.

The resulting design-language SCALE is a great foundation for our teams to design products that truly work – and are truly LEDVANCE.


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